My name is Lorraine Vaughan and I am the founder of Allergycooks.

This website is to help people who suffer from Coeliac Disease, food allergies or intolerances to cook great food – normal food – delicious tasting food that we’d like to buy in the shops, but can’t always find.

Thankfully, I am not allergic to food, but I can’t digest wheat, oats, barley, corn, eggs, milk, almonds or brazil nuts.  If I eat these things they cause headaches and migraines, stomach cramps, acne, mouth ulcers, nightmares and other nasty side effects!

My family and I live in Reading, Berkshire and we have always enjoyed making our own food from scratch.  A fair bit of our fruit and veg is grown here in the garden.  When I found out about my own food intolerances, it seemed natural that I should try to modify my favourite recipes to make them allergen-free.  In the early days, a few experimental cakes were consigned to the bin, but eventually I got the hang of replacing wheat flour, butter, eggs etc with suitable alternatives, and now I’ve got it down to a fine art.

You can read more about how I set up the website in this press article.

More about Allergycooks:

I know first hand how difficult it is to find recipes and ready-made products that exclude all the problem ingredients, so I decided to share my expertise with other people wanting to make delicious dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

Nobody needs to be made to feel awkward, or be left out because they have to eat something “special”.  Just make one meal, cake or batch of biscuits and enjoy watching everyone tuck in, whether or not they have intolerances. 

As well as the information on these web pages, there is a subscription Recipe Club.  For only £10 per year, you will be given access to all the published Allergycooks recipes on the Recipe Club Members’ website.  New recipes are being added at an average of two per week – that’s over 100 each year, so you will be getting the equivalent of a book full of delicious free-from recipes every 12 months.  If you’d like a particular recipe adapted, as a Recipe Club Member, you can raise a request in a Members only area on the Forum, and I will get to work on it as soon as possible. 

What’s more, access to the discussion Forum is completely FREE.  If you’d like to join the Forum, you just need to give a few details and you will be set up and sent joining instructions within 24 hours.


More about me:When I am not at my PC, cooking or gardening, you might find me out pounding the pavements or down at the gym.  Here is a picture of me and my daughter after finishing the Race for Life in 2007.

2008 was my 7th race, and I raised £300 for Cancer Research UK. This year, my daughter, who usually runs with me, was away in Italy on a choir tour, so I had to run on my own.  I had nobody to blame when I had to stop running to get my breath back going up that hill half way round

My husband, Nigel, is also involved in Allergycooks.  He tests the recipes before they are published to make sure that they work properly and that the instructions are easy to follow.  Other members of the family and friends are roped in to test the free-from products about which we report on the Forum.

I hope you enjoy using Allergycooks.  If you would like to join the Recipe Club, please click here.